• We must discover better ways to solve our most desperate problems, or we will never reach our goal of leading the nation in education.

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  • Mississippi is last when we should be first and first when we should be last. MSF is working to make Mississippi first.

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Why Do We Need Reform?

Mississippi students rank among the last in the nation; this is true when comparing Mississippi’s poor students to other poor students as well as its non-poor students to other non-poor students.

Education Policy

We believe education reform is the most pressing public problem facing Mississippians. Over the years, Mississippi First has made great strides in education reform in Mississippi and will continue to for years to come.

Mississippi First Board Book

We are often asked to make recommendations for a variety of education-related board or commission positions across the state. In an effort to grow and diversify our list of candidates, we are developing the Mississippi First Board Book that we can use to recommend high-quality board candidates to nonprofits and policymakers.

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